Creek Tenders' Paddle



     Every year in April, intrepid members of FoK are the first to venture down the Kayaderosseras, scouting the creek for paddling hazards caused by winter ice and spring flooding. Donning wet suits and waders, using clippers, bow saws and ropes, they cut and remove branches and logs that impede passage for canoes and kayaks.


     This is not a pleasure cruise, although we do have a good time, but it requires a certain degree of paddling skills, as there is a lot of maneuvering and climbing in and out of boats. It also involves wading, balancing, lifting and pulling, and getting wet.


     Sound fun? It is! If this looks like a good time to you, we would love to have you join us! It is dependent on water conditions, so watch for the date to be announced. If you'd like to be notified so you're sure not to miss it, send an e-mail to our Recreation Director: Dave Stern