Membership Levels:

Senior/Student $15 | Individual $25  | Family $35

Brook Trout $50 | Kingfisher $100 |  Great Blue Heron $250

Osprey $500  | Bald Eagle $1,000


Member StudentMember IndMembership FamilyMember TroutMember KingfisherMember Blue HeronMember OspreyMember Bald Eagle

We thank you for joining friends of the Kayaderosseras and for contributing to assist us in our goals of protecting the creek for now and for future generations. Membership levels are available to suit all levels of support and know your contributions are used for the creek and surrounding parks and protected areas.

The organization is made up of volunteers and we do not have anyone on salary so 100% your donations (minus – CC fees) go towards protecting the Kayaderosseras Creek and developing access for passive recreation like hiking, fishing and boating.


Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Kayaderosseras Creek