Vegetative Buffers

This is a double-sided pamphlet you can download and print, that explains the importance of vegetation along stream banks, describes how to restore vegetation, and lists good plants for the job.

Clean Creek Stewardship Workbook

This informative, step-by-step workbook helps you examine your daily activities through thoughtful questions, and suggests ways you can reduce your impact on the creek. Let us know if you score 150 or higher and we will send you a personal stewardship certificate and a small laminated “Home of a Clean Creek Steward” sign to post in your yard for others to see!

The goal of the Clean Creek Stewardship program is to increase the participation of watershed residents in activities that will keep the waters of the creek clean and able to support recreation and good habitat. The small individual actions of residents throughout the watershed add up to big benefits that we can all enjoy.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Clean Water

Information on non-point source pollution and links to other water issues on the website of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Center for Watershed Protection

CWP is a clearinghouse for information and seminars on best practices in stormwater and watershed management.

History of Kayaderosseras, 1703 – 1771

From the website of the Colonial Albany Social History Project, this page chronicles the early white settlement of the Kayaderosseras area.

Skidmore College Water Resources Initiative

This site presents photos, publications, and a wealth of information on the Saratoga Lake watershed, which is largely made up of the Kayaderosseras watershed.

Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Kayaderosseras Creek

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