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Protecting the Kayaderosseras Creek

We are a volunteer, not-for-profit organization established to protect the Kayaderosseras Creek and its watershed in Saratoga County, New York, for purposes of conservation, education, and recreation.

Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Kayaderosseras Creek, locally known as the “Kaydeross”, and to inspire action to preserve and protect the creek, its tributaries and its watershed as habitat for fish and wildlife, and as a recreational and scenic resource for residents and visitors in surrounding communities.

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Fish Stocking Round 2

by FOK Members • November 7, 2020

On Saturday November 7th, with the help of a small group of FOK members and families, the Kayadeross was stocked with trout before the winter. We are missing the community stocking event and cannot wait to get back to having the public assist with this event in the future! Thank you to all the members who donate every year in support of the Trout Stocking! Thank you to Avery Fish Hatchery for supplying the fish and the volunteers for assisting in the stocking!

Fall Clean Up

by FOK Members • November 7, 2020

Fall clean up was a success! We had over 35 volunteers from the community, Boy Scouts, FOK members and the BSHS Student Government Club.

We were able to divide and conquer 7 sites, collecting debris, garbage, and furniture to fill an entire dumpster in a few short hours.

Thank you to all the volunteers. There are always things to pick up so please help us by cleaning up after yourselves when visiting our local water access points!

Wading for Tires

by FoK volunteers • August 9, 2020

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out at our Wading for Tires event yesterday. The water was high and work was a little more difficult, however the group made a good sweep and cleared another pile of tires and loads of trash from the Creek. It does seem like we are finding fewer and fewer of these years-old tires in this stretch of the Creek, which is good news. And for those who have participated in this fun over the past few years, you will be happy to hear that "that tire" (you know the one) is no longer in the creek. Nice!

Thanks again to all who have helped with this project yesterday and over the years.

Spring Clean Up Part 2

by FoK Members • July 26, 2020

A second round of clean up took place on Saturday July 18th at Axe Factory Preserve. Another crew volunteered to remove a dumpster worth of garbage, debris and appliances. Always work to be done but great progress has been made this season! Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Creek Tender Paddle

by FoK volunteers • June 20, 2020

Thanks to all of the Creek Tender Paddle volunteers on Saturday June 20th. Starting at Grays Crossing and ending at Driscoll Road we opened up some partial blockages, and continue to remove tires and trash from the creek. With the low water levels there is one area just after the “rapids” that requires a portage.

Thanks for your help!

Ax Factory Preserve Trail Work

by FoK volunteers • June 14, 2020

We had a great day. We had twenty-four volunteers helping out, including Axe Factory neighbors, our friends from Troop 11 Saratoga, and we even had some early birds help out on Saturday. Employing wheelbarrows,garbage cans, and tarps, along with good-old man(woman)power the crew filled the dumpster in 3 hours. No item was too big for this crowd. Old water heaters came out, scrap metal and tires came out, old TVs came old. car doors, the kitchen sink (yes!), bathtubs, and a refrigerator (No Way...Way!) All up and Out.

Thank you to all the volunteers and the energy and enthusiasm put into this effort. Over the many years that we have been cleaning out this site, the usual comment on subsequent work days was "there is so much old trash here, it looks the same as last time we were here. Like we haven't done a thing." That changed this time. The progress we have made is so clear now, even in how far we had to travel down the trail to find trash to remove.

Thank you to all who have helped in this effort.

Fish Stocking 2020

by FoK Members • May 25, 2020

In April, 700 Rainbow Trout were stocked along the Kayadeross. Due to social distancing measures, we missed our veteran fish stockers and the help from all the kids at Kelley Park. A couple FoK Board Members met Avery's Trout Hatchery to release the fish in various locations.

Enjoy the fishing and we always love to see your photo's on the Facebook page!

Annual Meeting Recap

by FoK members • March 20, 2020

Click the thumbnail below to view a recap of the 2020 Annual Meeting!

Fall Clean-up 2019

by Riley Walz • November 14, 2019

On November 2nd, Friends of the Kayaderosseras volunteers met at Kelley Park, divided into groups and picked up trash and tires at multiple sites along the banks of the creek. The cleanup was a success, as many items of garbage were removed. A significant portion of the cleanup items were also recycled.

Work Day at Cottrell-Harrington Park

by Riley Walz • October 8, 2019

On Saturday, October 15, 2019, volunteers with the Friends of the Kayaderosseras replaced fence posts and rails at the Cottrell-Harrington Park in Rock City Falls. The fence and railings in the gazebo now look beautiful!