About Public Fishing Rights:

Public Fishing Rights (PFR’s) are permanent easements purchased by NYSDEC from willing landowners, giving anglers the right to fish and walk along the bank (usually a 33′ strip on one or both banks of the stream). This right is for the purpose of fishing only and no other purpose.

Treat the land with respect, to assure the continuation of this right and privilege. Fishing privileges may be available on some other private lands with permission of the landowner. Courtesy toward the landowner and respect for their property will insure their continued use.

View fishing rights maps

These generalized location maps are intended to aid anglers in finding PFR segments and are not survey-quality. Width of displayed PFR may be wider than reality to make it more visible on the maps. Please look for the yellow “Public Fishing Area” signs on trees along PFR lands.