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Sat. September 7th

Join us for our second annual bike ride along the creek! 14/30/50 mile routes. Come e
xplore the upper portions of the Kayaderosseras through the Town of Greenfield and beyond.
  • Includes rider maps and cue sheets
  • print and web registrations
  • Pre-register and receive a free T-shirt with our Pedal the Creek logo!
  • All riders receive a free lunch, snacks and drinks hosted by Friends of the Kayaderosseras and the Town of Greenfield

Questions? Email pedalthecreek@kayadeross.org

Registrations for Pedal the Creek open July 2nd
Save the Date – Sept 7th 2019

2019 Pedal the Creek flyer


Trail Work at Grays Crossing
Thanks to all the volunteers (including the group from Troop 4011 Saratoga) who came out to help with trail work at Kelley Park and at Driscoll Road Landing.

We planted 21 trees (balsam fir, eastern redbud, and one sugar maple) at Kelley Park and improved the trail at Driscoll Road by filling in the low areas with wood chips. Also a thank you to trail stewards Ron Leveille and Mike Tower for organizing and leading the work!FOK-LOGO

Welcome to Friends of the Kayaderosseras

Friends of the Kayaderosseras (FoK) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization established in March 2004 to protect the Kayaderosseras Creek and its watershed in Saratoga County, New York, for purposes of conservation, education, and recreation.

Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Kayaderosseras Creek, locally known as the “Kaydeross”, and to inspire action to preserve and protect the creek, its tributaries and its watershed as habitat for fish and wildlife, and as a recreational and scenic resource for residents and visitors in surrounding communities.


1. Partnership: Work with other groups, watershed landowners and users of the Kaydeross in both the public and private sectors in partnership to promote public access for low-impact recreational uses of the creek.

2. Conservation: Improve water quality and aquatic habitat by reducing erosion and sedimentation, pollution, and littering within the watershed.

3. Stewardship: Foster a sense of individual and municipal stewardship for this valuable natural resource through education, communication, and program coordination.

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Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Kayaderosseras Creek