Axe Factory Preserve Trail Work

We had a great day. We had twenty-four volunteers helping out, including Axe Factory neighbors, our friends from Troop 11 Saratoga, and we even had some early birds help out on Saturday. Employing wheelbarrows,garbage cans, and tarps, along with good-old man(woman)power the crew filled the dumpster in 3 hours. No item was too big for this crowd. Old water heaters came out, scrap metal and tires came out, old TVs came old. car doors, the kitchen sink (yes!), bathtubs, and a refrigerator (No Way…Way!) All up and Out.

Thank you to all the volunteers and the energy and enthusiasm put into this effort. Over the many years that we have been cleaning out this site, the usual comment on subsequent work days was “there is so much old trash here, it looks the same as last time we were here. Like we haven’t done a thing.” That changed this time. The progress we have made is so clear now, even in how far we had to travel down the trail to find trash to remove.

Thank you to all who have helped in this effort.