Trail Crew Schedule – Saturday 7/15

Trail Crew Schedule

Saturday July 15th – Boice Family Park 9am-noon (change – earlier start)

Meet at the main entrance on Creekside Drive

GOAL: Carry in new planks for Orange Trail Boardwalk. Remove old broken ones, attach new boards, and staple chicken wire or hardware cloth the length of the boardwalk to prevent slipping when wet. Rake and remove mud leaves from around the base to help preserve new structure.

Lots to be done on this walkout so we are looking for all hands on deck!

Volunteers should bring work gloves, good boots for wet and muddy ground and bug spray.

Tools to bring if you have them: Hoes and steel rakes, demolition tools (claw hammers, pry bars), wheelbarrows, cordless saws, drills and drivers.

This is a big job – roles for everyone. Hope you can make it!