What Is Next:  March 11, 2019

The Annual Meeting will be on Monday March 11th at 7:00pm in the Gideon Putnam Room at the Spa Park Admin building. Directions

Dan Gejay  will be our guest speakers discussing trout fishing on the Kayaderosseras and our stocking program.

Dan Gejay

Dan is an avid fly fisherman from Schenectady, and has been fishing the K for 10 years and has helped with the FoK trout stockings the last few years.

Talking Points

  • What makes the K such a special fishery
  • FoK stream stocking efforts (where we stock, why we stock there, #s of fish, holdover rates, etc)
  • Beginners guide to fishing the K
  • Intro to fly fishing

Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Kayaderosseras Creek

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