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Friends of the Kayaderosseras are caretakers of the creek and parks connected to the creek. We hope you get out and explore the parks and experience the Kayaderosseras Creek the Jewel or Saratoga County.

Axe Factory Preserve Exploration and creation starts this summer


Blodgett Park is the newest access point on the Kayaderosseras, about 200 feet downstream from the Nelson Ave. Ext. bridge. The park entrance is off Kayaderosseras Ave. There’s a .1 mi. portage from the road down to the creek on a flat, crushed stone pathway. A picnic area offers a picnic table overlooking the creek.

     It makes a slightly longer paddle (3 hrs.) from Gray’s Crossing, or a beautiful short paddle (45 min.) from Driscoll to Blodgett.


Boice Family Park was graciously donated to the Town of Milton when the family sold the land for a housing development. It preserves a large, forested buffer between the houses and the creek, and provides wonderful opportunities to hike, bird watch, picnic by the stream or look for spring wildflowers. There are four miles of trails, with some climbing and muddy spots along the way.

Download Trail Map of Boice Park:  Boice-Park.pdf


Cottrell-Harrington Park  is a sunny, open place to picnic, fish, or relax by the water. The Kayaderosseras flows wide and smooth here, and the newly completed bank restoration project improved the fish habitat, so you may find a trout hiding by one of the rocks! 


Driscoll Road Landing is just upstream from the Route 9 overpass. There is a parking lot and sign kiosk, and a lovely trail down to the creek. Ferns, wetlands, and bird songs abound.

It is a .2 mile portage from the parking lot to the creek, so be ready to carry your boat and equipment, but the path is good. Once at the creek you’ll find a picnic table and a ramp, and plenty of room to assemble before putting in.

It’s a great take-out spot if you put in at Gray’s Crossing (approx. 2 hr. paddle). Another lovely paddle is to put in at Driscoll Road and take out at Blodgett Park (45 min).


Gray’s Crossing is located on Northline Road just outside the village of Ballston Spa. The park is nestled in a big bend of the Kayaderosseras, with a 1-mile wooded walking trail along the creek and a large grassy meadow in the center that is full of wildflowers in early summer.

A popular canoe and kayak launch, it’s downstream from Kelley park, and a good starting place for the trip down to Driscoll Road Landing.

The Burl Trail is a one-mile loop that follows the creek to the far end of the park, then turns and passes through a successional forest at the edge of the meadow, and returns to the parking lot across the meadow itself. Along with a multitude of songbirds, you may also encounter turtles and salamanders along the creek, and garter snakes and pickerel frogs in the meadow. It is also home to the fantastic “Turk’s Cap” lily, which blooms at the edge of the successional area in mid June.


Kelley Park is a multi-use area right in downtown Ballston Spa. There is a picnic pavilion and a big playground, a grassy field for playing catch or throwing frisbees, and a quarter-mile nature trail that loops through the woods.

It has a canoe and kayak launch, and it’s a short paddle to the next take-out at Gray’s Crossing, or you can go all the way to Driscoll Road Landing.

There is good fishing access, and a path along the water for several hundred yards. There are big rocks to climb on, and lovely shallow wading on a hot summer day!


Trieble Park is still in the development stages and not yet ready for visitors, except for the picnic tables at the entrance on the corner of Route 67 and Middle Line Road. But plans are in the works for a wooden bridge across the Gordon Creek (a tributary of the Kayaderosseras), and a trail network has been flagged.

We’ll be looking for volunteers soon to cut and clear the trails, so if that’s your idea of fun, stay tuned!




Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Kayaderosseras Creek

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