Pedal The Creek


You can’t paddle the upper Kayaderosseras Creek, but you can pedal it!

Thank you to all the riders and volunteers who joined us for our first annual Pedal the Creek Bike Tour. For those who were only familiar with the Creek below Rock City Falls this bike tour was a great chance to see the natural beauty of the Creek as it tumbles out of the Kayaderosseras Range and flows and grows as it winds through the towns of Greenfield and Milton.

The committee would like to extend a big thanks to our sponsors; Tee Shirt Graphics, Stewart’s Shops, My Other Garden, Healthy Living Market, and Market 32. Also, we extend a big thanks to the Town of Greenfield for hosting us at the Brookhaven Park Pavilion and for all their support.

Riders interested in taking a tour along the Kayaderosseras Creek can find links to the maps and cue sheets for the 14, 30, and 50-mile rides below and at the Greenfield Town Hall.

Pedal the Creek 14 mapPedal 14 mile cue sheet
Pedal the Creek 30 mapPedal 30 mile cue sheet
Pedal the Creek 50 map –  Pedal 50 mile cue sheet


Look for updates on Pedal the Creek 2019!
Saturday, September 7, 2019



Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Kayaderosseras Creek

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